ADHD and Motivation

As a parent or spouse of an ADHDer, do you ever wonder why they procrastinate until the very last second, like there's no motivation? Do you ever feel a task is like walking in chest deep water? Trudging? Well for the ADHDer, it may have more to do with chemicals in the brain and less to do with being “lazy”....[ read more ]

The ADHD Rooster

Stories are a wonderful means of explaining lessons, ideas, and giving perspective to a situation. Perspective helps us see things from a new point of view, we need that when we are too close to the problem. Below is a story I tell all my client’s, their parents, spouses and teachers alike. Enjoy! You’re on beautiful farm, full of all kinds...[ read more ]

Tips for Teachers

As a teacher your reality every day is a classroom packed with kids and just you. One teacher! It’s been said your job is to help as many kids as you can, but not the one. Unfortunately, this can mean the ADHDer is pushed along by the sear intelligence and intuitiveness, all the while believing they are “stupid or dumb”. A...[ read more ]

Learning with ADHD

The reality for many ADHDers in the school system is a nightmare. It is a horrible place to learn; like herding cattle: claustrophobic, prodded to perform with a desire for open pasture. Classrooms are packed with kids and one lone teacher who serves the masses not the 1. The ADHDer is pushed along through school by sear intelligence and intuitiveness. All the while...[ read more ]

7 Ways to Manage Homework

Managing homework time with ADHD in kids or kids with ADHD symptoms can be a particularly difficult. Your child has spent the day sitting at a desk, with pent up energy not allowed to move or make a sound. And you’ve spent all day running around before and after work, everyone is irritable, tired and probably hungry. So how do...[ read more ]