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  • ADHD Testing

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    Looking for ADHD Testing in Roanoke VA?

    Wondering if you or your child needs ADHD Testing?

    Here are some of the reasons why you might seek testing for ADHD:

    • Distractibility or frequent trouble in school
    • Hyperactivity in the school and home settings
    • Subpar performance in school despite noted intelligence
    • Difficulty sitting still
    • Limited sustained attention
    • Behaving as if driven by a motor
    • Issues following directions
    • Hot tempered
    • Often misses or hates detail oriented tasks

    Symptoms, such as those above, does not necessarily mean your child has ADHD, but without a proper diagnosis you will never know.

    How we test:

    The testing process for ADHD is a complicated one. Despite the same rating scales being used for the last 20 years, they still only arrive at a probability of ADHD, not a confirmation. As well, all assessments were measured with young boys, giving very little attention to girls, women or even adult men. We use the gold standard for testing for ADHD: not only do we provide the aforementioned assessments, but use them as a guide for further questions, to discuss the client’s history, current barriers in the home, school, work and social settings. From there we conduct an observation of behaviors in session with and without parents/guardians. It is only then that we can put all the pieces together to make an informed assessment of symptoms and strengths, to conclude that ADHD is or isn’t present. Any other method of testing is likely leaving much of this out, especially for those outside the population of young elementary school aged boys.

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