Is your child continually struggling in school despite the help they are already getting?

Do you wonder how your child will not only make it through school but the rest of their lives?

Schedule a FREE 15 min consultation and speak with the only ADHD Specialist in a 3 hours radius.

I, and many successful professionals have learned to not just manage our ADHD, but how to harness it, and unleash the ADHD superpowers that help me thrive every day. Leave our call feeling more hopeful and confident about a plan for success in your child’s future.

About Me

My name is Gabriel and welcome to ADHD Counseling in the Roanoke Valley! You’ve taken the courageous step of seeking professional help towards understanding, managing and maximizing your ADHD. I am thrilled you’re here!

With ADHD Counseling in the Roanoke Valley you and your children will discover their ADHD Superpowers. Utilizing those powers your child will thrive in all areas of life because of their ADHD, not in spite of it, all the while gaining self-confidence and feeling great about themselves and their ADHD. I believe all our clients are amazing kids, they only lack the light to show the way, for this reason above all I’ve opened our doors. Together we will accomplish wonders.

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