The ADHD Rooster

Stories are a wonderful means of explaining lessons, ideas, and giving perspective to a situation. Perspective helps us see things from a new point of view, we need that when we are too close to the problem. Below is a story I tell all my client’s, their parents, spouses and teachers alike. Enjoy! You’re on beautiful farm, full of all kinds...[ read more ]

ADHD is a gift! Seriously…

In the beginning of your journey it can seem silly or too good to be true to think of your ADHD as a gift, or even a superpower. But it can be if you want it. There are probably a some people saying “I just want my ADHD symptoms managed and then everything will be ok”. Hopefully there are those of...[ read more ]

6 ways to manage ADHD at work

If you don't work at job that allows flexibility, a normal 9 to 5 job can be difficult to maintain for the ADHDer. Using these tips will level the playing field at your job, sooth frustration of rigidity, and keep your bosses happy with your performance. Not to mention keep you happy so you can finally show case your unique genius! But...[ read more ]

ADHD Parenting

It may not offer much comfort but know you're better off parenting today than my parents were... My parents often say to me “We just didn’t know…” to which I always respond: No one did. It’s only within the last 10 years have we made huge strides in learning about ADHD andA DHD symptoms, and it has been significantly less...[ read more ]

The Outcome of ADHD Counseling (unlocking superpowers)

At times it can seem as though your ADHD is a barrier to success in life, school, your career, relationships, or doing things around the house. And given this it sounds like insanity to think that your ADHD can actually be a superpower; but it not only is true, it ultimately is our outcome of counseling and therapy. More than likely you...[ read more ]

Diagnosing ADHD

Do you or a loved one have ADHD? It can be hard to know where to begin, who to consult and what to say to a specialist. Let’s address one thing first: the mindset. Our modern world is not set up to help, carry or hint at success for ADHDers (more than 60% incarcerated individuals have an ADHD diagnosis by the way)....[ read more ]

My ADHD Story

I've found the therapists/counselors I've seen and colleagues who have gone through the issues they specialize in are better, more informed, and have greater empathy than those those who have not. It's important to share my story with ADHD; from when I was diagnosed all the way up to today. I can’t remember how old I was when I was...[ read more ]