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  • ADHD in College

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    Is your son or daughter struggling at college?

    Sometimes it feels like you don’t know your place in this world or why you’re here? That’s just an awful feeling; it will continue to go to bed with you and be there when you wake up, as you struggle with your ADHD in college. Schedule a phone consultation and learn how your ADHD holds strengths so amazing I call them superpowers. By unlocking your strengths will change your life forever, and you will fully understand strengths, skirt weaknesses, adapt and never get stuck because of ADHD again. You will feel fulfilled, centered, confident and have a self-efficacy other people can’t imagine.

    Counseling can help you thrive through college and in your career that follows!

    In my years specializing in ADHD, I have worked with many people over different obstacles; be they college specific or just in age. Can’t get to class on time? Are you failing classes not because you’re not intelligent but because you can’t sit and study for tests? Maybe studying isn’t the issue, maybe it’s your lack of focus while in the test… These are not just college related issues. Although it seems like once you get of of school you won’t have to deal with it, the working world is largely similar, the results are just more grave. Consistent unemployment. Continually being asked to leave jobs, or being fired. Through tailoring my practice to unlock your specific strengths you will learn to use those strengths at the right time and place and learn to avoid your weaknesses. By scheduling a FREE phone consultation we will discuss your strengths and weaknesses and plan for your success. You will find success not just to get you through college but set you up for a life of success and without struggle. No matter what struggles you are coping with, it is never too late to change your course and develop the necessary strategies to leave yesterday’s problems behind in order to realize tomorrow’s successes.

    Schedule a FREE 15 min consultation and speak with the only ADHD Specialist in a 3 hours radius. I, and many successful professionals have learned to not just manage our ADHD, but how to harness it, and unleash the ADHD superpowers that help me thrive every day. Leave our call feeling more hopeful and confident about a plan for success in your child’s future.