Tips to manage ADHD in your family

Once an ADHD diagnosis is given it will be an adjustment for everyone; whether the parent of an ADHDer, an ADHD spouse or the spouse of. Additionally, it can be different to manage the family because of the diagnosis. There is a mentality shift that needs to take place for everyone. An acceptance of the neurological issue which is affecting the ADHDer from...[ read more ]

7 Ways to Manage Homework

Managing homework time with ADHD in kids or kids with ADHD symptoms can be a particularly difficult. Your child has spent the day sitting at a desk, with pent up energy not allowed to move or make a sound. And you’ve spent all day running around before and after work, everyone is irritable, tired and probably hungry. So how do...[ read more ]

ADHD Parenting

It may not offer much comfort but know you're better off parenting today than my parents were... My parents often say to me “We just didn’t know…” to which I always respond: No one did. It’s only within the last 10 years have we made huge strides in learning about ADHD andA DHD symptoms, and it has been significantly less...[ read more ]