Exercise Treatment Options

We are very excited to continue and grow our partnership with LostBoys Strength & Conditioning to bring the Roanoke Valley multiple treatment options for ADHDer’s of all ages. These programs are the first of their kind offered anywhere in the United States (yes, we looked many times over)!


Currently we have two offerings for ADHDers. The first is our group class for children 9 to 13 years old. Workouts are 45 min long, meeting twice weekly. These classes are geared toward providing your ADHD-er with safe, fun and a therapeutic setting. They will move, exercise and learn about themselves and the role exercise and strength plays in their life.

This is not an 6 or 8 week group. This is an ongoing class! Just as your child’s ADHD doesn’t disappear after a few weeks, neither does this class. In fact, most of the data suggests long term benefits of exercise are actually symptom reducing, not just suppressing! Which means your ADHDer could eventually not have any noticeable symptomatology!

Our second offering is our Hybrid Model of 1 to 1 coaching immediately followed by a counseling session in the gym! Many ADHDers have a hard time doing traditional talk therapy, and just need to move. We’ve had wonderful outcomes with those that have used this model; it’s the best of both worlds! Just like the classes, we will meet twice weekly, but for 1 hour: 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes of a counseling session.


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All too good to be true? Scroll to read the praise of these treatments from parents who invested in their children. 


What benefits have you seen?

“Having an activity to look forward to each week and getting the physical exercise in a different way made him feel ‘special’ since he is not a typical ‘sports kid’.” ~Kristin B.

“I feel like it allows him to use excess energy in a constructive way which helps his overall behavior and activity levels be more stable.” ~Anonymous

“Improved confidence in his ability to do things that require effort.” ~Anonymous

“His moods and behavior is more stable if he is active in the evenings” ~Amanda H.

If a parent were on the fence about joining what would tell them?

“Even for a child who doesn’t always have the ability to do all of the activities there has been a noticeable gain in attention span and willingness to complete activities. Gabriel does a great job engaging and molding his classes to fit the physical abilities of all.” ~Amanda H.

“How important exercise is for the ADHD brain.” ~Anonymous

“Go for it, especially if your child is not interested in playing traditional sports.” ~Kristin B.


Still too good to be true? Just ask the coach! He struggled with ADHD all throughout his academic career until he found exercise. People are shocked to find out he has ADHD and yet he manages it without anyone knowing.

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